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7 folleto bajamos precios

6 folleto bacalao

8 folleto croustillant  9b folleto cherry empanados  9 folleto milhojas salmon 


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October 2014 

  • Seafood Moneybag
  • Rolls with beef cheek confit
  • Moneybag with duck confit
  • Brown crab samosa
  • Samosa with beef cheek confit
  • Mini cup with brandade of cod and red pepper jam
  • Mini cup with foie gras and pear
  • Mini cup of cottage cheese with raisins and carrots and salmon tartare

September 2014 

  • Squid Mini Burguer with ketchup seeds 
  • Tempura sardine 

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December 2013

  • Aubergine in Tempura ALVENT

November 2013

  • Lobster Crêpe DELEITA

October 2013

  • Crunchy seafood Samosa DELEITA

August 2013

  • Crispy seafood tapa
  • Sweet of Lobster

May 2013

April 2013

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